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Assault Defense Lawyer in Duluth, Minnesota

Cases in which bodily or other serious harm has been committed against an individual are looked upon very harshly by the courts. I am Chris Stocke and I represent individuals in criminal courts throughout the Duluth, Minnesota, area. My practice is focused on handling all aspects of criminal defense law, including providing experienced criminal defense representation for assault, battery, domestic violence and other physical crime cases.

Call 888-861-2452 or contact me by email . I offer a free initial consultation. My office is available to answer your phone calls day or night, 24/7. If needed, I can even come to visit you in jail to discuss your case.

Whether you were in a bar fight or have been accused of spousal abuse, I work with people charged with both domestic assault and other assault charges. Since assault is a crime against a person, it is considered a crime of violence. If you are charged with domestic assault or assault and battery, you may be subject to a restraining order which prohibits you from interacting with the alleged victim. It is important that you understand the parameters of the restraining order and do not violate the order, as punishments for violating restraining orders may be as severe as those for the underlying charge.

You want to speak with an attorney before appearing in court. Domestic violence is an enhanceable offense in Minnesota, which means if you plead guilty and you have prior or future domestic assault charges, it could turn into a more serious crime resulting in jail time. If convicted of assault, you will most likely lose your right to possess firearms for the remainder of your life.

Do not risk your case by attempting to handle your criminal matters alone. Prosecutors and law enforcement are not looking out for you - they are looking out for themselves. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and that the outcome is the one that is best suited to your needs.

To schedule your free initial consultation and have your assault case reviewed by me, an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact my office today. I am dedicated to aggressively standing up for my clients throughout the entirety of their cases and afterward if necessary.

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