St. Louis County Drunk Driving Attorney - DWI Defense

St. Louis County Drunk Driving Attorney - DWI Defense

If you are stopped by the police under the suspicion of drunk driving you should seek the advice of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. While you are legally required to provide identifying information to the police officer, you should not make any statements to the officer. Additionally, it is in your best interests to not perform field sobriety tests. Do not assume that the police are serving your best interests. A DWI arrest puts in motion a whole series of events, which include the loss of your driver's license, and could also include the impoundments of your license plates and the forfeiture of your vehicle. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better .

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The decisions that you make with how you handle a DWI are very important. Do not plead guilty to any criminal offense without consulting a criminal defense lawyer. A DWI can lead to more consequences than you might realize. Not only will you have to face the criminal charges against you, but you may also be facing jail time, alcohol treatment, forfeiture of your vehicle, impoundment of your license plates and the loss of your license. You also might have higher insurance premiums and will have to disclose your DWI conviction on an application for employment, when renting an apartment or when buying a house.

You can successfully fight DWI charges!

My name is Chris Stocke and everyday I help people charged with drunk driving. There is a myth out there that if there is no defense against DWI charges. I work with my clients to aggressively fight drunk driving charges on many fronts.

I assist clients in getting their license back from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and work to avoid license plate impoundment and vehicle forfeiture. I will delve into the details of your case, including whether you were legally stopped, whether the officer had a sufficient legal basis to remove you from your vehicle, whether the officer had a sufficient legal basis to administer field sobriety tests and whether the officer had enough evidence to make you submit to a preliminary breath test (PBT).

For the arrest to be valid the officer must have had probable cause, and the officer is also required to give you a sufficient opportunity to contact an attorney before you submitted to a blood, breath or urine test. If you did contact or attempt to contact an attorney before you submitted to a chemical test the officer must have provided you a sufficient amount of time in which to reach an attorney before ending your time to use the phone.

I will protect your rights in the courtroom and advocate on your behalf with the prosecutor and judge in an effort to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

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